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May 2014

Great news Veggie Garage was mentioned in Pure Green Magazine 

"Ultimately this choice in lifestyle has allowed the pair to align more with their sustainability values. The truck that tows the Airstream was converted by an expert, Dave of Veggie Garage(veggiegarage.com),in Mesa, Arizona. It runs on converted waste vegetable oil (WVO), as opposed to biodiesel, which is closer to burning gasoline. This means their adventures run on pure waste product, filtered down and reused . “I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing this if we were running on gasoline,” says Taryn. Solar panels affixed to the rooftop of the Airstream, as well as a battery farm topped off with solar energy, supply electricity." (Pure Green Magazine V8, PG46) Get the full storie at http://www.puregreenmag.com/

April 2014

Dear Canadian Customers,

Due to our system not properly calculating shipping prices correctly to ship directly to Canada, Please call or email us your order for a fast and friendly response. 

928-632-5935 or dave@veggiegarage.com  

March 2014

Veggie Garage is proud to announce our new authorized installer for Veggie Garage Systems and Products. 

Strictly Diesel
Contact Nate 
Telephone: 623-582-4404 or 
visit Striclydiesel



VeggieGarage.com is proud to announce that we are now the Arizona dealer for BioFuels Technologies VegiStroke and VegiRam systems.

BFT manufactures one of the best diesel to vegetable oil conversion systems in the industry and has been an industry leader for many years.They have developed the VegiStroke System for the 1999 to 2003 7.3  Powerstroke and the 2003 to 2007 6.0  Powerstroke and the VegiRam system for the Dodge Cummins 03-05 5.9L

Whether you are a do it yourself type or want us to do a complete turnkey conversion for your diesel vehicle, please call 928-632-5935 and ask for Dave


Veggie Garage LLC
Online Corporation
Mayer, AZ

Dave Roberson


Welcome to the web site of Veggie Garage. We are your 1 Stop Shop for your entire diesel to vegetable oil conversion system needs. VeggieGarage.com now offers the new VegiStroke/VegiRam V4 manufactured by BioFuels Technologies. If you are wanting the best alternative fuel system on the market today for your diesel truck, then this system is the one to get! Perfect for your next wvo, svo, or other alternative fuel conversion project with the simplicity of a complete kit. The VegiStroke V4 is specifically designed for the Ford PowerStroke 7.3L and 6.0L, and the VegiRam V4 is specifically designed for the Dodge Cummins 5.9L engines. Whether you are running WVO (Waste Vgetable Oil) or SVO (Straight Vegetable Oil), this system is the right choice.

Your V4 kit will not only have everything you need to install into your truck, you will have a few upgrades that are exclusive to VeggieGarage.com and not offered by anyone else on the market:

FREE upgrade to stainless steel braided fuel line to replace the rubber fuel line included in the kit (6.0 VegiStroke kit only)

FREE upgrade to VeggieGarage exclusive 7.3 Super Duty Complete Engine Plumbing Kit as shown here

FREE upgrade to higher quality fuel line and heater hose

FREE printed installation manual

FREE jumper plug to bypass V4 system when servicing

FREE installation advice by phone and/or email

Buying your complete V4 kit from VeggieGarage.com comes with many benefits as well:

No longer do you have to shop around for the major components to build your kit

No clutter - valves, pump, filter etc are mounted onto the custom designed billet aluminum manifold, which is mounted easily under your truck

No need to search for hoses, fittings, electrical connectors, tie straps, washers or even thread sealant - it's all included

Full, professional support - just an email or phone call away

Buy your Complete V4 Kit from VeggieGarage.com and you will have everything you need except tools, tank, and your own custom gauge selection. For further details, click here

Need a tank? No problem, just Contact Us and we can have one designed to your specifications.

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