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Tube in Hose Fitting

With heated WVO, maintaining and adding heat along the length of your fuel line between the WVO tank, pump, and engine is always a concern. VeggieGarage has the answer! 3/8" aluminum fuel line inside of 3/4" heater hose - also known as Tube In Hose (TIH).

This kit contains the solution to retaining and adding the all important factor in your WVO fuel conversion system - HEAT. Coolant from your engines heater hose is plumbed through the assembly to the 3/4" heater hose that surrounds the 3/8" aluminum fuel line. Hot fuel is thinner and is much easier on the WVO pump and filters. When your coolant is hot, your WVO is hot.

The aluminum fuel line is sealed with a replaceable delrin ring as seen in the photos.

Heater hose and aluminum tubing available separately. Since heater hose is heavy and costs to ship, we recommend you source your heater hose locally. Call us on tubing. 480-969-0300

Kits are available with 5/8" inlet or 3/4" inlet. Ford 6.0 is 3/4", Ford 7.3 is 5/8", and Dodge is 5/8".

2 assemblies are needed for each run of hose.


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Price: $59.00
This kit allows your system to be installed/upgraded with vegetable oil running through aluminum tubing, which runs inside 3/4" heater hose for optimum heat retention.

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