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Thank you again for the extra effort you put forward all of last week to complete my van conversion (on time and in our budget!) to the V3 Vegistroke. I know this was a very difficult install, on a very complicated vehicle. When you finished the install, late Saturday afternoon, and said; "start it up" I was nervous. Would it work? Was it installed correctly? Would everything on the van still work? Worry. I was amazed. The truck fired immediately and ran perfect!! First try!!! No adjustments, no fine tuning, nothing but the purr from the new vegistroke!! Dave you are unbelievable!! I sincerely appreciate all of you did for me and the van, Thank You!

The drive back home to So Cal from your shop in Az went flawlessly! As I drove west from Phoenix and hit the open road my smile got bigger and bigger with each mile! The van ran perfect and I was driving on FREE Fuel!! More smiles per mile!!:) My mileage on Veggie fuel, I drove 60MPH, was the same or better than diesel. About 300 miles on about 25 gallons of WVO. Not too bad for a +/-12,000 lbs Class B motor home!!!! I ran the Veggie tank out and the transfer from veg to diesel was UNDECTABLE! No cough, sputter, flipping switches, just keep on driving!!(I did take it off of cruise control)

Thank you and the Dino fuel-veggie stroke crew for a very remarkable kit and a fantastic install!!

Darrell Hochman ASLA

We have been running on WVO for over 3 years. We have converted a number of cars and trucks and have run for over 50k miles on WVO. Our business is focused on alternative fueled vehicles. It is a TV show and website called GreenMyRide.com. We have seen a lot of conversions and nobody does it better than Dave. It is always amazing to see how professional and clean Dave's conversions are done. We recommend Dave with absolutely no reservations. He is one of the best, not only a mechanic, but an excellent person.

Guy Crider,
President GreenMyRide.com


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